Plant-Powered Burger Menus Are Here

In an effort to cater to changing consumer preferences and offer more flexibility when it comes to vegetarian offerings, B.GOOD has debuted four new plant-powered burgers.

According to B.GOOD, it’s new plant-powered burgers were created in response to the growing demand for alternative proteins. As a result, B.GOOD’s new burger “lineup features a mix of vegan, vegetarian, and blended options that offer consumers flexibility based on their unique motivations.”

These burger options include the chickpea-based Falafel, the quinoa-blended Jalapeño & Cheddar, the Sweet Heat beet pineapple burger, and the meaty Turkey Medley.

All the new burgers will be permanent additions to the B.GOOD menu and are in keeping with the chain’s mission to serve ‘Food with Roots.’