Attempting to Build a Car That Functions on Water

Oil is an important resource for our current way of life, but sourcing and using it is also of great detriment to our planet and as a result, the concept of a water-powered car raises curiosity and sees a great deal of attention.

In Turkey, a Gaziantep-based auto mechanic is trying his hand at creating a car that can run entirely on water. As of right now, Murat Ağbaş’ water-powered car is a hybrid that uses a combination of water and gasoline. With “just two liters of water, [the vehicle] can run for up to 70 kilometers.”

One can imagine how important it is to create new ways for automobiles to run and although electric vehicles have surely captured the attention of manufacturer’s as the next mode of powering transportation, a water-based method is also worth exploring.

Image Credit: Daily Sabah

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