Top 5 Techie Trends for 2020

Started five years ago, I have been writing on LinkedIn about future techie trends for the upcoming years.

Therefore, without delay…

Here we go again … drums please !

The top techie trends for 2020 (in my humble opinion and in no particular order):

1. Assistants

It seems that we are reaching a point where “assistants” will be more and more present in our personal lives as well as in business. When I say “Assistants” I mean the physical assistant devices such as personal robotic exoskeletons (image below – click on the image to learn more) and AI / robots / drones on construction industry business (due to “tightest labor market since the 1970s and a rapidly aging population”) in Japan.

I also mean “Digital Assistants” such as AI-based holographic assistants which can enhance engagement and customization.

2. Wireless

I believe will see on 2020, more and more devices going “wireless”, it will be a “war on cables” due to the advance of the technology such as 5G (Offering data transmission speeds around 100 times faster than 4G (and rival with a USB cable for example), 5G is expected to enable more seamless imagery with lower latency, more vivid images and sharper motion which will impact industries and drive devices innovations which will probably drop cables just like Apple did on 2016 when removed the iPhone headphone jack, people will scream at first but they will get used to go fully wireless with their iPhones and other devices. But hey, that is not necessary a good thing, scientists have been studying the health effects of 5G and wireless radiation and are deeply concerned with their findings and are calling for a stop to the rollout of 5G, as well as a halt to the proposed increase in radio frequency radiation exposure to the public. So, I am a supporter that it’s better to be “alive” and have cables than to be dead with the latest wireless gadgets on our pockets….

3. Cashless Society Push Continues…

Once a pioneer in cashless transactions, Japan is now lagging behind as the world’s biggest economies increasingly embrace electronic payments — because its ageing population still prefers physical money. That being said, the “Cashless Society” push will continue worldwide in 2020. Use of mobile payment services are skyrocketing in other countries (such as in China for example). Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that cash will go away anytime soon, Cashless payments and cash will coexist for a long time, however 2020 will make a harder push in favor of Cashless payments. As one example, “The Association of Banks in Singapore will soon launch a new service enabling retail account holders at seven banks there to send one another money by using cellphone numbers instead of account numbers”. Add here all that blockchains & e-money innovations and then you have a solid prove that the Cashless push is here to stay. The other side of the coin? Well, say bye bye to privacy, moving from one-to-one transactions (with money) to one-to-many (stakeholders + data generated and saved) transactions.

4. It’s a digital world…

Digital economy, digital education … so many buzz words (and concepts) start with the “digital” word. What we gonna see more often in 2020, is that integration between offline and online. Simple daily devices, such as a common door knob, are getting a “digital” upgrade. Yes, we know service providers such as Amazon wants to get into your door, but there are also startups such as BitLock that want to help you to unlock your bike with your phone without even having to reach your pocket. Simply walk up to your bike and press a button on BitLock to lock/unlock in less than a second says in their website. So, this integration between old analog devices and “digital touch” seems to continue in 2020. Going back to Amazon, Amazon will be even rolling out in-car delivery options to Honda owner…

5. A book…

If you have been following those trends posts every year, you will know that I usually end up the last trend with something personal or related to my companies.

Well, to keep the tradition, I want to finish this piece with my own book that will come up on 2020 (probably around Summer 2020).

Check –> for updates.

It’s not gonna be a book about trends but I will be sharing my learnings on the online world and overall thoughts on digital marketing.

Anyway… Now You Know… !

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