A Water Pump System That Makes Child’s Play of Obtaining Well Water

Access to clean water is a major concern around the world, so the ‘OasiSaw’ Water Pump System is designed to not only provide an innovative way to draw it from the ground, but also purify it.

Designed after the likeness of a seesaw, the ‘OasiSaw’ Water Pump System can be played on to offer a pastime for children (or even adults) to have a little fun while syphoning water from the ground. The innovative filtration system within the ‘OasiSaw’ Water Pump System allows the water that’s delivered to be potable and pure.

The conceptual ‘OasiSaw’ Water Pump System is designed by Jinhyuk Kim and could act in the future as an alternative to traditional playground equipment around the home to encourage children to help out with necessary tasks.

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