DataSparQ Has Created an AI Queue for Bars

The British-based data science company, DataSwarQ, has created an AI queue that can be used to organize drink orders.

The AI queue implements facial recognition in order to organize patrons into what is referred to as an, “intelligently virtual” queue. This means that bartenders will be informed of who should be served next.

The AI bar system has been undergoing a trial at a bar in London called 5CC Harrild & Sons. Bartenders are able to view a live video display of everyone lining up to place an order.

The AI system then places a number above each one of the customer’s head, this number indicates the order for the bartender.

The AI system can also perform a number of other tasks including notifying staff if a person looks underage. As well as only allowing certain faces to order drinks on a tab.

The system has a price point of $240.