Measuring Blood Pressure with a Smartphone

A developmental psychologist Kang Lee and a postdoctoral researcher Paul Zheng have created transdermal optical imaging, or ‘TOI,’ which can measure a person’s blood pressure using a smartphone camera.

The technology works because facial skin is translucent.

This allows optical sensors to examine red light reflected because of hemoglobin located under the skin’s surface while an information transdermal optical imaging system can detect changes in blood flow.

Lee has also created and co-founded a company, named Nuralogix, which produced the Anura app. The app allows users to record a 30-second video.

From the video below, the app can provide users with information on heart rate and stress levels. The company will release a Chinese version of the app that will be able to measure blood pressure as well.

This technology could help people measure and track important factors associated with a person’s health, ultimately making medical data more accessible.