A Card-Sized Tracking Device

The technology for location tracking gadgets has been around for several years now, enabling products like the compact iTraq to bring peace of mind to people through various purposes. Designed to be super slim and roughly the dimensions of a credit card, this baggage tag can hook onto zippers and slip easily into pockets.

An accompanying iTraq app employs GPS to show you where your card is on the map. Geographic radii can be designated by you and mobile alerts can be set up to notify you when the device is outside of your approved area. If an airline loses your luggage, you’ll know where it’s ended up. Tuck the iTraq into a postal package and track it in the mail yourself. Clip one onto your bicycle or your child’s backpack; all uses for this clever item keep you informed about the status of your most prized possessions, even when they’re changing hands.

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