The ‘CopenHill’ Project

The ‘CopenHill’ is an ambitious new waste-to-energy plant situated in Copenhagen, Denmark that acts as a futuristic structure for providing eco-friendly power as well as an urban playground for citizens to enjoy.

The structure consists of the power plant itself on the inside, while the exterior boasts a ski slope, trail for hiking and running, and an array of lush greenery.

The building is achieved using stacked aluminum bricks and glass to give it a sleek look from afar, and is sure to be quite the attraction for tourists.

The ‘CopenHill’ is the design work of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), SLA, AKT, Lüchinger+Meyer, MOE, and Rambøll, and will help the Danish capital to achieve its pledge to go carbon-neutral by 2025.