Mass Produced Free Energy is Here!

Orbo OCube

The first product being their USB Charging Station – the PowerCube; and yes, you’re not going mad, it’s not a cube either. The PowerCube DID actually start life as a cube, but through the magic of marketing gurus, evolved into a red faced angry monkey / alien / robot thingy. It’s a love it or hate it design, but undeniably unique.

Understandably, the biggest sticking point for most people when it comes to the PowerCube is the price. At €1200 (euros) it’s a great deal more expensive than your average charger, but then again, the PowerCube is no average charger. Less than 50,000 are expected to be made, so it may just be a purchase for those of us wanting to own a piece of history, like the first Apple computer; A memento of how the way we once viewed energy changed almost overnight.

Steorn seem to have been more than impressed with the volume of orders received to date, and as far as we can tell the first shipments of oCubes/ oPhones will arrive with consumers sometime in January. Soon after we can expect to see reviews of these appearing in blogs and online tech mags, although somewhat predictably I expect the focus will not be centred on the features (or lack thereof)but rather the lack of charging, and with it, the growing realisation that you REALLY DON’T ever have to charge these products.

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