The Orsen ‘Airfresh’ Snorkel Mask Gives Wearers a 180-Degree View

The Orsen ‘Airfresh’ snorkel mask is an accessory for aquatic enthusiasts that will enable them to spend more time in the water exploring without having to feel restricted.

The mask features a large size that will cover the entirety of the face to provide an 180-degree view when underwater, while the specialized front lens won’t fog up or leak using use.

The top section of the mask has a mount for an action cam to accommodation GoPros and other photography equipment for capturing underwater footage in a handsfree manner.

The Orsen ‘Airfresh’ snorkel mask will deliver up to three hours of use per charge and features a system to quickly dispel CO2 instead of allowing it to linger within the mask.

Swimmers can keep in contact with one another thanks to Bluetooth walkie talkie functionality.