Samsung rolls out AI-powered washer, dryer

Samsung Electronics rolled out new washers and dryers featuring artificial intelligence (AI) technology Wednesday, to offer what it claims are more “effective ways” for consumers to do their laundry, and possibly to take a market lead over arch-rival LG Electronics.

At its Digital Plaza retail store in Gangnam, southern Seoul, the company introduced the Grande AI washer and dryer. With the AI technology, Samsung said the front-loading washer offers an “all-in-one” function, enabling users to control their dryer via the washer.

The company said it also improved the appliances’ self-hygiene feature so consumers do not need to worry about dust inside the machine, water residue or rust.

Its new home appliances chief Lee Jae-seung said Samsung has been seeking to improve its customer-oriented home products since it launched the BESPOKE refrigerator.

“We witnessed significant growth in refrigerator sales with the BESPOKE appliance that reflects consumers’ lifestyle and has more customizable options,” Lee said. “Thanks to the product, we learned we have to make more customer-focused appliances to get closer to them.

“While the BESPOKE refrigerator created innovation through design, the Grande will offer innovation in the consumer experience.”

Lee said the Grande AI washing machines and dryers significantly improve the user experience thanks to “self-learning AI features” that allow easy control.

“Consumers often get confused about having the right amount of detergent,” he said. “Also, some people who rarely use their dryers sometimes don’t know how to operate their machine. However, consumers using Grande AI washing machines and dryers have greater accessibility in terms of the products’ control.”
Samsung ran more than 12 million laundry cycles for the AI feature, demonstrating it could get smarter, as the machines remember frequently used cleaning and drying cycles and suggest optimal settings, the company said.

Lee also highlighted the appliances’ eco-friendly functions that use less water and detergent compared to previous models.

“As regulations on energy efficiency are expected to be strengthened, our new products consume less water and detergent,” Lee said. “This is possible because AI features in the machines detect the weight of clothes to use the right amount of detergent and water.” He said it only takes 36 minutes to wash and dry shirts.