The ‘Aero Tiny’ Home

The ‘Aero Tiny’ home has been created by Brisbane, Australia-based The Tiny House Guys as a chic living space that offers all the essential amenities required with an attention to upcycled aesthetics.

The home is crafted with components from a decommissioned DASH 8 aircraft, which is made clear to onlookers thanks to the fuselage exterior and folding staircase.

The trailer home embraces the aesthetics of aircraft design, but integrates must-have components like a kitchen, a bathroom, sleeping quarters and more into the compact living space.

The ‘Aero Tiny’ home weighs in a 3,340 kilograms and is available for purchase at a price point of 55,000 Australian dollars (around $37,000). The impressive abode took only six weeks to construct.