LG Uplus will develop drone management platform

LG Uplus will develop an autonomous drone management platform with Doosan Mobility Innovation in an attempt to expand its network business into new areas, the telecommunications affiliate of LG Group said Sunday.

Doosan Mobility Innovation, a subsidiary of Doosan Group, has developed a fuel cell-powered drone that has a flight time of two hours. The fuel cell drones, won the drone maker an innovation award at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in January.

The two companies recently signed a memorandum of understanding in Seoul to develop a drone management platform that utilizes Doosan’s fuel cell drones.

“Under the smart drone management system, cameras installed in fuel cell drones will send photos and videos to smartphones and control centers via 4G and 5G networks. Also using the wireless network, the control center can take command and control the drones,” the mobile carrier said.

Doosan’s fuel cell drones are expected to be widely used in the industrial, military and disaster management sectors as it can fly longer than drones using lithium-ion batteries which are limited to around 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

“After the agreement, LG and Doosan will complete the interlocking work between the fuel cell drones and 5G network-based drone control center in the first half of 2020,” the company added.

LG Uplus added it will continue to look for new business opportunities in the 5G network-related sector with Doosan Group. In 2018, the mobile carrier signed an agreement with Doosan Infracore to develop 5G network-based unmanned construction equipment.