The ‘Draper’ Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

The conceptual ‘Draper’ autonomous underwater vehicle is a futuristic piece of equipment that would help to solve the issue of the rising amount of microplastic in our oceans and waterways.

Designed by Sprout Studios for Draper, the drone highlights the ability to easily traverse through the water to collect samples to analyze just how much plastic material might be present.

This information can then be utilized to find high concentrations to help researchers on land figure out how to stop additional plastic from getting into the environment.

The conceptual ‘Draper’ autonomous underwater vehicle was explained further by Sprout Studios which said, “Draper’s AUV can detect and analyze invisible microplastics, and enable scientists to understand where they are originating from, where they are most prominent, and how to prevent them from contaminating our waters.

When the AUV is deployed, it skims the top nine meters of the water where most microplastics are located, scanning for microplastics, testing for specific types, and ultimately relaying GPS coordinates into a heat map.”