‘EZPOD’ Quickly Refills Pods for Nespresso

Coffee pods have become a convenient, mainstay way to prepare java from home but can be quite pricy and wasteful, so the ‘EZPOD’ has been created as a way to help consumers refill the capsules from home.

The device works with Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker pods and can be used to refill coffee pods using your choice of java along with regular aluminum foil.

This will dramatically drop the price point of pods, while also reducing the amount of waste created on a daily basis.

The ‘EZPOD’ is capable of reducing the cost per coffee to just $0.20, which will come as welcome news to consumers seeking to curb their daily spending.

The pod refilling system also accommodates any roast of coffee to let users enjoy artisan blends that might not come in pods.