The ‘VegeBox’ Indoor Garden

The ‘VegeBox’ indoor garden is a hydroponic kitchen accessory for avid and amateur chefs to choose when looking for a way to keep fresh greens on hand for preparing their favorite meals.

The garden comes with everything required to get started growing fresh vegetables, herbs or flowers throughout the year without having to worry about the season.

The unit boasts a 360-degree water injection hole to keep greens flourishing, while the four-in-one lighting system will help to support continuous growth to accommodate daily meal preparation.

The ‘VegeBox’ indoor garden boasts a 14-inch height and 12-inch width to accommodate up to seven plant pots, while the 1.65-liter water tank will keep plants supported at all times.

The system is part of the continued shift towards at-home food cultivation as consumers seek to keep essential items on hand instead of constantly heading to the grocery store for fresh produce.