The Volkswagen I.D. Buggy

The Volkswagen I.D. Buggy is the latest creation from the automotive company that aims to offer drivers an efficient way to get around without skimping on style or handling for appreciate.

The vehicle is outfitted with an electric motor that features 201 horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque, which draws power from the accomapanying 62-kWh battery pack that is conveniently integrated into the floor of the car.

With a top speed of 99mph and the ability to go from zero to 60mph in 7.2 seconds, the vehicle is capable of offering up to 155 miles of range per charge.

The Volkswagen I.D. Buggy vehicle has an open air design that makes it perfectly suited to outdoor enthusiasts or those who live in sub-tropical climates to cruise in.