AusAir’s masks are among the first to have ‘botanical’ PM2.5 filters

Designed over the past 3 years in conjunction with the University of Sydney, brothers Isaac and Elias Honor teamed up with their friend Jack Graham to launch AusAir… a face-mask that’s preparing for a world where masks may become as ubiquitous as wearing sun-block every time you step out.

What makes AusAir worth noticing is its nuanced approach to masks, considering a variety of external and user-based factors. As parts of the world struggle with declining air-quality, environmental hazards, and even an outbreak of diseases, AusAir’s take on face masks involves something that’s effective, reusable, and most importantly, fashion-friendly.

AusAir’s face masks form a part of an emerging market for ‘premium’ consumer masks. Unlike basic cloth-mesh masks worn by factory workers or the disposable ones worn by doctors, AusAir approaches masks by addressing the need of the everyday consumer. Each mask comes with a 3D design that allows for easy, fog-free breathing.

The nose-area is cushioned with a memory-foam, and reinforced with a hidden aluminum nose-clip to ensure a secure fit, while the mask’s fabric comes with multiple layers (including an optional botanical filter layer) to ensure you have clean, odor-free air to breathe.

AusAir’s masks are among the first to have ‘botanical’ PM2.5 filters that not only trap particulate matter, but create a more enjoyable breathing experience. These botanical filters, ranging between choices like Lavender, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus help not just trap dust and viruses but also help affect your mood by adding natural aromas to the air you breathe. They’re further aided by AusAir’s activated carbon filters that help filter harmful gases and kill bad odor molecules. The inner filters are replaceable, lasting for as long as a month before needing to be switched.

AusAir’s masks come with two one-way valves (precisely made from stainless steel) on the outside that clip open to help detach the filters on the inside. The mask’s outer covers are made from a flexible polyurethane foam that allow the masks to universally fit all faces and profiles by stretching comfortably around the ears. The PU foam construction helps act as the first line of defense too, trapping dust, dirt, and larger pollen particles.

The outer skins are machine washable, sans the metal valves and the inner filters, allowing you to reuse the mask for years, simply by washing them and periodically replacing inner filters.

The masks come at a time when there’s an increasing demand for protection from smoke and pathogens. As consumers, especially in the west,are culturally beginning to move towards wearing masks in public, AusAir’s masks form a better-looking, more effective, and reusable alternative to traditional disposable masks.

Armed with multiple filters, AusAir’s masks help aid against pollution, pathogens, smoke, and even bad odor. They last longer, fit more securely, and help you live a healthier life by breathing better quality air.

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