The DotBook is a Braille Laptop

A new Braille laptop was developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) last year and the innovation enables people who are visually impaired to better navigate portable computers.

The Braille laptop comes in two versions—the 40Q and the 20P. While the former boasts 40 characters per line and is equipped with a conventional, as well as a Braille keyboard, the later features 20 characters per line and its users are only able to use a Braille keyboard.

Both laptops have necessary applications like e-mail, a calculator and a web browser. In addition, users can enjoy a refreshable Braille display, as well as download and install other apps as needed.

The Braille laptop was developed in collaboration with KritiKal Solutions Pvt Ltd, Noida, Pheonix Medical Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai, Saksham Trust, New Delhi and Wellcome Trust of the UK.