The Conceptual ‘Silo’ Refrigerator

The conceptual ‘Silo’ refrigerator is a stylish appliance for the home or office that would work to keep food or drinks nearby at all times to eliminate the need to constantly visit kitchen-bound alternatives.

Designed by Ken Kirtland IV, the fridge features a tubular construction that hides three storage levels inside that can hold, from top to bottom, 15 wine bottles or eight two-liter sodas, two six packs or 36 soda cans and two tubs of ice cream or 20 soda cans, respectively.

This makes the unit ideal for keeping an array of items nearby and out of the way to maximize the efficiency of living spaces.

The conceptual ‘Silo’ refrigerator features a top section that can be used for placing items or as an ice bucket for keeping wine chilled.