The EyeRide HUD

The story behind the EyeRide HUD is pretty amazing, not just because it results in a device that really does a massive service for motorcyclists, but because the story originates in one of the most badass products ever… a fighter-pilot helmet.

Romain Duflot’s journey to augment the motorcyclist’s helmet started with reverse-engineering the technology found in air-force gear.

One could argue that whether you’re driving a two-wheeler down a busy street or a jet at supersonic speeds through the air, there’s a strong need to focus on the path ahead of you while having all the information you need right in your field of vision.

The EyeRide HUD borrows from the advanced technologies found in pilot helmets, and shrinks it down into tiny pieces of hardware that can retrofit universally onto any sort of helmet – regardless of its size, shape, and whether you’re wearing spectacles or goggles.

The EyeRide HUD sports a Google Glass-inspired HUD fitted with the world’s smallest OLED screen ever made, a comms unit to listen to music, map directions, or to answer phone calls, and a control unit that mechanically locks onto the side of your helmet, allowing you to toggle through the EyeRide’s features with a knob-turn or a tap.

Created by ex-BMW & Airbus optics and photonics PhD engineers, the HUD offers crystal clear graphics in a transparent format that makes viewing information easier while keeping your eyes on the road.

The HUD unit sits within an adjustable rig, allowing you to position it exactly where you need it, while 55mm flat-speakers and a directional microphone allow you to listen to directions or calls and communicate with clarity, regardless of outside noise.

The external controller lets you toggle through the EyeRide’s multiple features swiftly and efficiently (even if you’re wearing gloves) and for stuff your hands can’t do, there’s always compatibility with your phone’s native Voice Assistant so you can ask the EyeRide to pull up navigational info for a certain destination without needing to type anything in… the last time we checked, having a holographic display, in-helmet audio, and a voice assistant was literally something out of Iron Man! With the EyeRide, you get those features… ahem… superpowers right in your regular helmet!

Designer: Romain Duflot

Project available on Kickstarter: