The Primera Technology LX600 Color Label Printer

The Primera Technology LX600 Color Label Printer is the latest peripheral from the brand that will provide high-capacity capabilities for businesses.

The printer boasts a best-in-class print speed of up to 4.5-inches per second and will easily provide the best-quality prints without having to deal with issues like horizontal banding that can affect traditional desktop color label printers.

The system can be changed up with interchangeable dyes and pigment inks to help businesses create eye-catching labels that pop off the shelf. The Primera Technology LX600 Color Label Printer has a low-maintenance design and a small footprint to make it ideal for workstations of all sizes.

Primera’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing Mark D. Strobel spoke on the new unit saying, “We are delighted to bring LX600 to the market. It offers so many useful features, including a wider print width, higher print quality and easier to manage consumables than other similarly-priced color label printers.

At just $1895.00, it will appeal to a wide range of companies and organizations that require the best-looking labels that they can produce on a desktop color label printer.”