Nureva’s Microphone Mist Technology

Microphone MistTM technology is the newest full-room audio innovation from Nureva — a company specializing in advanced audio solutions for teleconferencing systems.

Ensuring “true full-room pickup” across large spaces,

Nureva’s Microphone MistTM technology is patented and addresses common conference calling pitfalls, including poor audio quality, distracting background noises and a general lack of sound range.

Nureva Audio’s Microphone MistTM technology works by optimizing the sound quality of various virtual microphones at once, creating a seamless teleconferencing experience for those speaking or listening.

Virtual microphones are defined as an “individual pickup point created when two or more physical microphones work together to focus their sound pickup on a distinct zone.”

This full-room audio system fills one space with “thousands of virtual pick-up points,” allowing for a larger range of sound projection.