E-Bikes with Nanospetic Surfaces to Keep Riders Safe

Wheels recently stopped its bike-share operations in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, however, the company is now offering e-bikes to essential workers with nanospetic surfaces.

The bikes will be made available to restaurant workers, people involved in non-profits, or delivery personnel.

The nanospeptic surfaces are located on the handlebars and brake levers, and they are able to self-clean. This is made possible through light that relies on nano-crystals in order to produce a reaction that can clean the surface.

The company commented on its recent moves, “We were frequently and thoroughly cleaning our bikes with disinfectant and wiping them down with a microfiber towel. But with shared scooters and bikes being ridden by many different people every day and no operator able to manually clean each device prior to every ride, we believed a more comprehensive solution was needed.”