Clothing purifier wardrobe appliance

The conceptual ‘FAD 01/02’ clothing purifier is a futuristic wardrobe appliance that’s designed with a dual-purpose functionality to keep garments and living spaces as clean as possible.

The wardrobe functions as the perfect place to keep everyday outfits and will work to remove the pollen or pollution that can be found on them after wear by spraying nano-electrolyzed water onto them.

The unit will then dry the clothing at a low-temperature to dehumidify them and have them come out wrinkle-free and ready to wear once again.

The conceptual ‘FAD 01/02’ clothing purifier can also be used as a conventional air purifier by simply leaving the door ajar after garments have been cleaned to eliminate unwanted contaminants in a space.

The appliance is the design work of Bo Seong Seo and Kyoung Hwa Maeng of Coway, and is the winner of the 2019 Red Dot Design Award.