A Resource Hub to Share Details About COVID-19

HeroX, the social network that leverages crowdsourcing, recently launched a resource hub that hopes to accelerate the spread of information and solutions to COVID-19.

The platform offers a pathway to connect innovators with opportunities to develop life-saving tools amid this pandemic.

Some projects that can be found on the resource hub, include MIT’s Beat the Pandemic Hackathon, the State of New York’s Tech SWAT Team and the Code Life Ventilator challenge.

As noted by Christian Cotichini, the CEO of HeroX, “An encouraging substory of the COVID-19 outbreak has been the unprecedented cooperation of the scientific community, private sector, and individuals…

We are calling on everyone, everywhere to participate.

The HeroX platform is in a unique position to leverage the collective intelligence of a wide network of individuals with COVID-19 focused challenges.

By bringing together resources, on one easy-to-access platform, our hope is that challenges can be solved efficiently and quickly, to help mitigate these difficult times.”