• $30

Batteries that keep you in charge

There are plenty of battery-operated toys and tools, and they usually have very simple modes: start and stop. The Mabeee, however, can turn something as simple as an electric toothbrush into an app-controlled gadget. This little battery pack takes a single AAA battery and turns it into a Bluetooth-enabled AA battery that can be used with an iOS app to control any simple electric toy or gadget.

The app comes with start and stop buttons, plus other means of control, such as shaking the iPhone/iPad and voice activation. It even has a timer that you can use to indicate how long you should be brushing your teeth.

As a crowd-funding project on the Makuake site, the Mabeee has already collected more than eight times its goal, and there’s still a couple of months to reserve one for ¥3,888 before it’s produced next April.

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