The LifeSaver

LifeSaver by VanBerlo Agency can be mounted on walls at accessible and prominent locations.

If someone is suffering from a cardiovascular attack, you simply grab it and press the button for calling 911 below it. So while you perform CPR, the ambulance is on its way!

The first instruction provided is to remove the clothes from the chest of the victim. After that, you open the box and remove LifeSaver from it.

Place the AED on the chest of the victim, and follow the instructions. OLEDs and touch sensors guide you through the entire process. LifeSaver even helps you with placing the electrodes correctly and guides you regarding the location and rhythm for the chest compressions.

While being great in public places, the LifeSaver is a boon in the current situation where you know the medical system is so overloaded, the ambulance may take time to arrive, while this gives you a fighting chance to save the person in need.