The ‘Reswirl’ Biodegradable Plastic Toothbrush

It has now become well-known that there is a mass amount of plastic being used and entering the environment everyday, which is seeing new products like the ‘Reswirl’ biodegradable plastic toothbrush be designed to help offer a solution.

Designed by Conway Daw, the toothbrush is crafted with a cassava-based biopolymer that will naturally biodegrade in earth or water to prevent it from polluting the environment after disposal.

However, the brand hopes to discourage this thanks to a subscription program that allows users to mail the used brush back to the company after use where it can be recycled into a new one for a closed-loop experience.

The ‘Reswirl’ biodegradable plastic toothbrush is also focused on oral care by delivering the same experience as a plastic alternative to ensure it can be easily integrated into the lifestyle of a person.