Bscly Delivers Clothing in 100% Home Compostable Boxes

Like many online orders, clothing is often delivered in packaging that’s poorly sized and filled with plastic waste but Bscly is making it easier for packaging to be responsibly disposed of after opening.

While some kinds of plastic packaging are difficult to recycle—if they can be recycled at all—Bscly ships its products in recyclable or home compostable materials.

The direct-to-consumer clothing brand specifically appeals to busy consumers who want stylish, high-quality outfits without having to give them much thought.

The brand’s home compostable box is made from sugarcane fiber, while the tissue paper used is acid-free, FSC-certified and printed with plant-based inks.

Other materials like stickers and tape are also recyclable, while the brand’s outer mailer is compostable and corn-based.