Samsung SDI showcases high-density EV batteries

Samsung SDI has unveiled its high-density electric vehicle (EV) battery packs at the Detroit Motor Show in the United States.

The company said it will establish a full-ranged product lineup to meet diverse demands from global carmakers.

“We aim at leading the penetration of EVs by releasing diverse solutions and products that customers and markets want,” said Samsung SDI Chief Executive Officer Cho Nam-seong in a statement.

“We will strengthen our business in the global automobile market including the United States with high-density battery cells and flat battery packs that demonstrate our world-class technologies.”

In particular, the newly introduced products include a battery cell prototype that provides a range of 600 kilometers for EVs when fully charged. This is about a 30 percent upgrade of density and mileage from the existing 500-kilometer class models. The company said it will be able to mass produce the prototype starting in 2020.

Samsung SDI has also presented its flat EV battery pack and low voltage system (LVS) pack.

The flat battery pack is a compact battery with higher cost efficiency that is better applicable to existing EVs. The LVS pack has been designed to be used not only for EVs but also for cars with internal combustion engines to improve mileage and eco-friendliness, the company said.

Meanwhile, Samsung SDI plans to boost global competitiveness in battery manufacturing by synergizing with a recently established factory in Xian, China, and with its Austrian affiliate SDIBS.

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