The Unhoused Self-Cleaning Hoodie Repels Sweat, Stains and More

The Unhoused Self-Cleaning Hoodie is a hygienic casual garment style created by Varun Bhanot and Anisha Seth as a sweater that will help it stay clean at all times.

The hoodie features fabric coated in the brand’s proprietary Freshtech material that enables it to easily repel sweat, dirt, stains, most liquids and even fine solids to keep it looking fresh at all times.

This could drastically decrease the frequency at which it needs to be washed to make it an eco-friendly garment choice.

The Unhoused Self-Cleaning Hoodie is also focused on providing support for the homeless population with a hoodie being donated to someone in need for each one sold.

The advanced material would provide those who are homeless with a garment that doesn’t need to be laundered as frequently and that works to keep the cold out.