Sustainable Pre-Fabricated Homes

Founded in 2017, Dvele is a luxury design firm that specializes in pre-fabricated homes, which utilize green building practices, are efficiently produced, and provide a healthy living experience.

In order to ensure each home is sustainably made, Dvele produces its designs within its Foundry and uses similar floor plans, allowing it to cut back on excess construction waste and reuse suitable materials.

In addition, its focus on durability prevents unnecessary material use, with air-leakage and moisture build-up minimized.

This means that buyers don’t have to worry about maintenance as much, and also helps to decrease energy use.

Should buyers choose to incorporate solar energy, all of Dvele’s homes are build to accommodate panels.

New buys can alternatively select the company’s solar package, which includes panels and battery storage so that they can use the eco-energy source right away.