The Nuo 3D Mask

The Nuo 3D Mask has been created by the LuxMea Studio as a custom face mask that will work to ensure a personalized fit for comfortable all-day wear.

The mask is designed using a video sent by the consumer that is analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to take all facial components into account to fine-tune the final product.

The mask is then 3D-printed and paired with removable valves along with washable HEPA filters that are nonwoven to let users keep the face covering as clean as possible between wearings.

The Nuo 3D Mask will prevent small gaps from being observed on the edges of the mask like with one-size-fits-all options on the market to help stop the spread of pathogens.

The mask is reported to filter 99% of all particles to make it similar in functionality to N95 masks.