Nestlé is Piloting Refillable Coffee Dispensers

Nestlé has announced that it has begun piloting a series of refillable coffee dispensers in Switzerland to help offer a way to curb use of single-use packaging in a simple way.

The in-store dispensers would work by having shoppers bring their own containers to be filled with their choice of instant coffee, but are presently being trialled with the brand’s Purina cat food.

The dispensers address the brand’s commitment to reducing packaging, while also making it easy for consumers to access the products they need most.

The Nestlé refillable coffee dispensers were explained further by R&D Packaging Lead at Nestlé Hélène Lanctuit who said, “Packaging plays a key role in maintaining food safety during a product’s shelf life.

This means that whenever new packaging systems are explored we need to ensure that our products can be delivered to consumers in a safe and hygienic manner. These dispensers are novel because they incorporate smart technology which allows us to ensure product safety, and also guarantee the freshness and traceability of our products.”