The Conceptual ‘SuperBlue’

The conceptual ‘SuperBlue’ toothbrush has been designed by Dylan Fealtman as an alternative to conventional manual and electric alternatives to help increase the hygienic nature of the oral care device.

The toothbrush itself is achieved with a series of silicone bristles that will provide effective cleaning capabilities and last longer than plastic alternatives, and allows for ease replacement when it has reached end of life.

The middle section of the brush head is hollow to allow it to slip into the accompanying carrying case that will blast all the bristles with UV light to kill 99.8% of bacteria, while the case itself helps streamline use during travel.

The conceptual ‘SuperBlue’ toothbrush has an elegant, ultra-modern design that will work to greatly enhance the daily oral care needs of consumers and also put a focus on enhanced hygiene thanks to its bacteria-banishing function.