Hueros Has Developed a New “Growth Medium” for Meat Alternatives

Heuros is a cell-based food tech start-up, based in Brisbane, Australia. The company is changing the manufacturer’s approach to meat alternatives.

Heuros’ “growth medium” is free from animal ingredients, genetic modification, or engineering interventions. To be more specific, the food tech start-up uses no fetal bovine serum, blood products, recombinant growth factors, pluripotent stem cells, steroids, or antibiotics. Instead, Heuros can effectively grow muscle cells from mammals, birds, and fish.

The innovative technology is offered as a B2B model at the moment, however, the company shared that it is in the process of developing some B2C products “that could be suitable for Asian markets.”

Focused on delivering “healthy, tasty, and sustainable meat,” the food tech start-up is paving the way for the future of food.